Town Garage

Road Maintenance

Improving and sustaining our roads in the Town of Stockton is a continual task. The town is proud of the fact that 99% of it's roads are paved. Maintaining and repairing our roads, to the high standards of our board and residents, is the responsibility of the Town of Stockton road crew.

Please notify the Town about damage to your road by sending a message, an e-mail ([email protected]), or calling our Road Crew office at (715) 592-4420.

Lake Thomas Road Work

(Above photo taken of our Road Crew removing rocks, stumps and ditching a dangerous area of the road along Lake Thomas Road.)

Snow Plowing

The Town of Stockton provides snow removal services for the safety and convenience of its residents. Our policy for snowplowing is as follows.

After a snowfall, or when a sufficient amount of snowfall has occurred as to impede safe travel, we:

  • Keep main routes open;
  • Open secondary routes;
  • Open minor roads

Our fleet of 3 Trucks is maintained and operated by Town personnel. The snowplowing of private driveways is not done, except in emergency situations.

Spring Clean Up

The Town of Stockton Road Crew & Fire Department participate in the Annual Spring Clean Up the first Saturday in May.