Plan Commission

Standing committees are permanent legislative and advisory panels established by the Town of Stockton to consider ordinances and issues and may recommend measures to the Town Board.

Due to their permanent nature, these committees exist beyond the range of each two to three year term of office.

The Plan Commission is charged with looking at land issues within the town. It has authority to recommend updates and enforce the Town of Stockton Land Use Plan. It has authority to have subcommittees and has an annual budget. The Plan Commission members are paid by the Town.

Power and Duties of Plan Commission 
The Plan Commission has a number of powers and duties ascribed to them by Wis. Stats 62.23 and 66.1001. These powers and duties include promoting comprehensive planning; preparing and recommending to the governing body a comprehensive plan and ordinances and programs to implement the plan; reviewing and referring proposals for recommendation to the governing body; and holding hearings and making administrative determinations and recommendation, as necessary and appropriate.
Generally speaking, resident requests to split an existing parcel, change the zoning of a parcel, or make a change to the comprehensive plan will be heard by the Plan Commission once a Plan Commission Request Form has been submitted to the Plan Commission Chair or Town Official.