Fire Chief's Corner

Is There More?

Have you ever felt that something is missing in your life?  Do you sense that there is a void that needs to be filled?  Do you believe that you have the passion and compassion to do more?  Do you feel that you can do more for your community and more for your fellow human beings?  Do you have the desire to finally fill that missing void in your life?

When you review all of life’s events on a daily basis, in reading the newspaper or viewing the news on-line, do you ever wonder, “How can they do that?” OR “Why do they run “in” while everyone is running “out”?” OR “How do they keep calm while the world around us is falling apart?” AND “How do can they climb into a wrecked automobile and provide comfort to a patient?”

We may have the answers to your questions!  Have you considered joining your local volunteer FIRE or EMS Department?

Volunteer FIRE & EMS departments across the State of Wisconsin are in need of people to volunteer and serve within their community, to answer the call when the pager alert goes off, and to help their fellow human beings in time of need.

We at the Town of Stockton FIRE & EMS Department are no different than all other Departments.  We, too, are faced with less and less people available to volunteer and help within our community.

My letter this summer is to all of you that may be feeling that there is a void in your life, wondering if you can do more.  PLEASE contact us and come and see us about a volunteer career in the FIRE & EMS services within the Town of Stockton.

We would be honored to take the time and show you what we are all about, to explain to you about the service and the training that will protect and place you into the position to best help your community and your fellow human beings.

If you are wondering can you volunteer even if you have a “night job” the answer is a resounding YES! People who are available to answer the call during the day are always needed.

In closing today, let me share with you something that we hope will strike a chord within you, and place you in the path to filling that void within you. The Town of Stockton FIRE & EMS department motto:“The Ability to Serve, The Desire to Act, The Courage to Perform” 

Please contact Maria Davis, our Town of Stockton Clerk, if you have questions about joining our Department.
The phone number is (715) 592-4712 or email [email protected].