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Located 0.2 miles north of 6th St on Custer Rd is the Town of Stockton Park.

3333 Custer Rd, Custer 

The Town of Stockton Park is a lovely place to make memories with your friends and family while enjoying all that the park has to offer such as:

  • A 9-hole disk golf course                                     •     Benches, picnic tables & barbeque grills
  • A 1-mile scenic walking trail                                •     Paved parking lot for easy, safe parking
  • Acres of grass to run and play                             •     Future Fire Department Training area
  • Playground equipment                                        
  • During the winter, sledding & ice skating areas

Please note that ATV/UTV are not allowed in the park.


A general map of the park is shown below.  There are two green areas (one is where the ice rink is created each winter), a one mile walking trail (indicated in dark black), an nine hole disk golf course (the pink lines with red numbers), and a few wild flower sections that are used as the sledding hills during the  winter.