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Greenspace is an area of protected or conserved land or water set aside by the Town of Stockton for use by it's residents for the sake of recreational, ecological, environmental, or aesthetic interests.

The Town of Stockton's greenspace consist of areas where development is limited or controlled to create undeveloped areas of land or water, and includes land owned by the Town of Stockton, Portage County and area non-profit organizations.

Arnott Community Center

The Community Center is located in Arnott, in the Town of Stockton. The buildings are owned by the Town and are used for public meetings, 4-H meetings, snowmobile clubhouse and for other general recreational purposes. The building was a former school, built in 1936 and was used as the Town of Stockton Hall from 1976 to 2005.

Town Parklands

  • Arnott Centennial - small lot in Arnott
  • Buckhorn Park - 1.22 acres
  • Country Beautiful Park - 5.2 acres
  • Hoffman's Custer Square - 1.75 acres
  • Lone Pine Park - 0.6 acre
  • Town of Stockton Park (0.2 miles from corner of 6th & Custer Rd) - 34 acres


  • Adams Lake - 30 acres including public boat landing and access road
  • Bear Lake - 29 acres including public boat landing and access road
  • Lake Thomas - 32 acres including public boat landing and access road

Portage County Parks

Standing Rocks Park - Standing Rocks Park is located on 29 acre Bear Lake, in the southwestern part of the Town of Stockton. The park has been developed as a winter sports area, featuring downhill and cross-country skiing. The Portage County facility encompasses 531 acres, the majority of whoch is maintained in a natural state.

Tomorrow River State Trail - The Tomorrow River State Trail segment within Portage County is a 14 1/2 mile trail developed along an abandoned railroad grade starting in the Village of Plover and ending at the Waupaca County line. This trail goes through the communities of Arnott and Smokey Spur, with a public parking area accessible from Custer Road.

Ice Age Trail - The Ice Age Bicycle Trail runs north and south along the glaciated areas of eastern Portage County for a total of 48 miles. The trail was designed specifically for bicyclists as it runs along portions of major roadways.

State Recreational Lands - The DNR has identified Fishery Management Areas throughout Portage County, including the Tomorrow River and Little Plover River in the Town of Stockton. The State currently owns 85.7 acres in the Town of Stockton associated with the Tomorrow River Fisheries Areas, with additional areas that have been identified for possible future acquisition.

Other Resources and Links 

Arnott Lions Park - Owned by the Arnott Lions Club, Arnott Lions Park provides shelters, a softball diamond, restrooms, horseshoe pits, kids playground and a picnic area that is made available to individual families and small groups. A nominal fee will be assessed to groups wishing to reserve the Park for a day or more.  For more information, contact Richard Gosh at 715-592-5066