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Town of Stockton Weather Related Road Update:
Feb 25, 2019

Update:  All Town of Stockton roads are now open with the exception of Custer Rd near Cty D.  They're working on it but its deep.  Some roads are narrow but they are open.  Road Crews are continuing to work on widening the roads.



2/24/19 6:00 pm

Town of Stockton road report:  Town Road crews are pulling off for the night and we will start up again at 5am.
Kennedy Ave, Burbank Rd, Edgewood Rd, Custer Rd, Oak Rd, Lovers Ln, Rocky Line Ct, Tower Rd, part of Ridgeland Way, SkyView Rd, and Smokey Rd are currently closed.
Many roads going North-South are basically closed, snow drifted and not travel able ar this time. The road crew will start up again tomorrow morning but many roads will not be opened up until  approximately 10 am. Roads going West-East will be plowed but depending on the wind, will be marginal. 

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