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Important Meeting regarding the new Farmland Preservation Program
Apr 06, 2016

Important Meeting regarding the new Farmland Preservation Program

April 6, 2016

6:30 PM

Stockton Town Hall

Portage County Planning and Zoning will be having a Town of Stockton public information meeting regarding the Farmland Preservation Program for Stockton landowners. The following Portage County representatives will be conducting the informational meeting.

Steve Bradley, Portage County Conservationist

Ken Schroeder, Portage County Agriculture Agent

Dan Bowers, Assistant Director of Portage County Planning and Zoning.

Chapter 91 of the Wisconsin State Statutes (FARMLAMD PRESERVATION) includes a requirement for all Counties to adopt a “Farmland Preservation Plan” (FPP). As many of you are aware, Portage County adopted its first FPP back in 1985, and has not updated it since. In 2009, the State Legislature revised Chapter 91 under what they called the “Working Lands Initiative” (WLI). As a result of the revisions, each County in the State is required to adopt an updated FPP. The WLI essentially overhauled the Farmland Preservation Program. In simple terms, the State is looking to accomplish several basic things: have Counties identify how and why agriculture is important to them, identify what policies the Counties will adopt to support and promote agricultural development and identify areas of the County (through mapping) that are particularly important to agriculture. This third piece will help identify where landowners could be eligible to be included in the State tax credit program for agriculture.

We look forward to seeing anyone interested in learning more about the Farmland Preservation Program.

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